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Blutek SRL, Italy was founded in 2002, bringing together highly qualified people who had matured great experience in the design and construction of screw compressors and their principal components. As now one of the few companies in the world with the

ability to autonomously develop and produce all the principal components of a screw compressor. Blutek can offer its customers a product that is always modern, efficient, reliable and competitive.

Oil injected rotary screw compressors belt drive

Power 4-37 kW
Pressure 7-13 barg

Oil injected rotary screw compressors direct drive

Power 45-355 kW
Pressure 7-13 barg


Oil-free dry rotary scroll compressors belt drive

Power 2.2-37 kW Pressure 1-10 barg


Oil-free dry rotary screw compressors, two stage direct drive

Power 37-355 kW
Pressure 4-11 barg


Oil injected rotary screw compressors with built-in variable speed drive

Power 4-355 kW Pressure 7-13 barg


Compressor with built-in modular power system

Power 45-160kW
Pressure 7-13 barg


Customized compressor and dryer for heavy duty applications on offshore and onshore

Power 2.2-500 kW
Pressure 1-15 barg


Skid mounted instrument air station with compressors, dryer, filtration manufactured in compliance with the main international standard

Power 7,5-500kW
Pressure 6-15 barg


Skid mounted on site N2 generator with compressors, dryer, filtration and membrane or PSA generator manufactured in compliance with the main international standard

N2 flow 10-3000 M3/h
N2 Purity 95-99.99 %


Sauer Compressors - Quality with a Customer Focus
With a track record of more 125 years developing, manufacturing and marketing compressors, Sauer Compressors in recognised world-wide as a leading supplier to civilian and naval shipbuilders as well as industrial markets. Our customer can expect the best, because nothing less will satisfy us. We offer them a comprehensive range of advanced compressor designs coupled with dependable technical support andpersinalised services.

Control and Service Air
Low pressure piston compressors
Air- and water-cooled to 10 bar and 450 m³/h

Low pressure screw compressors
ir- and water-cooled to 13 bar and 4.000 m³/h

Main and Engine Emergency Start
Air compressors for both main-engine starting and
emergency start with final pressure of up to 40 bar has
long been, and continues to be Sauer's traditional field
of activity for International Shipping.

- 2-stage up to 40 bar 80 m³/h
- 3-stage up to 45 bar 360 m³/h

- 2-stage up to 30 bar 430 m³/h

In an emergency where 'black start' or 'dead platform'
engine starting is needed, Sauer can offer a complete
diesel driven air-start compressor system if requested
also in ex-proof design.